Thursday, July 12, 2012

Christmas in July!

It's that time again, Wizards! Christmas has arrived! Until Sunday, July 15, that is. Kingsisle has brought back items from Yuletide to beat the heat! During this time, you will be able to visit Felix Navidad, enjoy some Christmas decorations throughout the Commons, and buy limited-time items from the crowns shop. Also, you can receive one free item ranging from a rare reagent (amber dust) to the Milk and Cookies furniture item. Items that have reappeared are the Boon Tree (plant), Happy Holidaisy (plant), Snowball (pet), Arctic Ninja Pig (pet), Mixed Candy Cane (mount), Red Candy Cane (mount), and select furniture items. Note that not all of these items will be in the crowns shop, some will be with Felix.

Get your free item!

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