Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm baaaccckkk! (Insert evil laugh here)

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting in awhile! Life's been busy with school starting.

Anyway, let's go to the news. Kingsisle has found some bugs in the game, some of which include getting stuck in walls in Celestia, mounts like the Moonlight, Sunshine, and Starshine ponies all having their spots removed. (Read the full list here:

Also, Kingsisle has released the Phoenix hoard pack! This pack is based on Dragonspyre, and includes some cool stuff like the 2-seater Phoenix mount, the Gargoyle pet, among others. There has been some drama involving the packs recently, but so far this pack doesn't seem to have any problems with it. :)
(Read about it here:

There are some new elixirs in the crowns shop too:

Bric-a-Brac Decorating Elixir: Increases the item limit of your house by 50 items

Additional Castle space Elixir: Increases (by one) the limit of houses you can have

Crafting Elixir: Refills all crafting countdown timers.

Hatching Elixir: Hatches all the eggs you have in your backpack.

Purreaus' Potion #9: Reset your hatching timer so you can hatch again right away.

Note that these are ALL Crowns only
(Read the full update notes here:

Finally, the Friend Finder! Simply put, you would ask your friend for their friend finder code, he would enter your code, and you would be friends in any and all Kingsisle games! (Read about it here:

Remember, if you stand too close to the fire, you're gonna get burned!
-Andrew Anvilcloud

Friday, July 20, 2012

The follow-up Forbes article

The article on Kingsisle by Forbes magazine had enough shares and Tweets to get everyone who logs into the game on the 21 or 22 2,500 gold. There weren't enough comments, however, to get the storm beetle pet. Kingsisle must be feeling generous, because they gave us a second chance to get this awesome pet. 
There was a follow-up article on Wizard101's success by Forbes, and if they get 15,000 Facebook shares, we will get the storm beetle. If it gets 20,000 shares, we get a brave hound pet. So, if you are OVER 13 YEARS OF AGE and have a Facebook account, go to the article (link on bottom) and click the share button with the Facebook icon on the left-hand side.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Likes and Tweets= Gold (and maybe a pet)

The magazine Forbes has an article on Wizard101, and for every share on Facebook and/or Twitter that Wizard101 receives, everyone who logs in to the game during the weekend of July 21 or July 22 will receive gold (up to 2,500 per account). Also, if the article receives more than 10,000 comments about what Wizard101 means to your family, everyone who logs on on the 21 or 22 will receive a storm beetle pet! If they get more than 20,000 comments, they will upgrade the storm beetle to a brave hound pet! If you ARE OVER 13 YEARS OF AGE, go to the article (link on bottom) and click the share button on the left side of the article. To comment, sign up or log in on your Forbes account and comment about what Wizard101 means to your family.

Forbes article on Wizard101

Wizard101 post about prizes.

Christmas in July!

It's that time again, Wizards! Christmas has arrived! Until Sunday, July 15, that is. Kingsisle has brought back items from Yuletide to beat the heat! During this time, you will be able to visit Felix Navidad, enjoy some Christmas decorations throughout the Commons, and buy limited-time items from the crowns shop. Also, you can receive one free item ranging from a rare reagent (amber dust) to the Milk and Cookies furniture item. Items that have reappeared are the Boon Tree (plant), Happy Holidaisy (plant), Snowball (pet), Arctic Ninja Pig (pet), Mixed Candy Cane (mount), Red Candy Cane (mount), and select furniture items. Note that not all of these items will be in the crowns shop, some will be with Felix.

Get your free item!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The 3rd Annual Ravenwood Ball!

The Ravenwood Ball is a huge party thrown by Diary of A Wizard's Fallon Shadowblade. It is a very fun event, and a great place to meet new friends. This year, the event will start out at Ravenwood, Vampire Realm, Area 1, but once that gets full, those who have signed up to host will have mini-parties at their castles. Everyone is welcome, but it is recommended you RSVP at Diary of a Wizards webpage (link at bottom). It is requested that you remove your mounts and pets for the ball, so people who run Wiz101 on an older computer don't need to experience lag. As I said before, the event will start at Ravenwood, but will branch of to different locations. The Ravenwood Ball will take place on SATURDAY, AUGUST 12 at 4:00 Central. Hope to see you there!

Diary of a Wizard Ravenwood Ball page

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


To say goodbye to Pet-a-Palooza in a great way, Ravenwood Radio is giving away a barnyard of pets! Send in Fan art OF YOUR PETS OR SOMETHING PET-RELATED to Four winners will be selected at random on the next show (July 18th). Those winners will receive a Witty Wildclaw pet, a Foo Dog pet, a Shenlong Dragon pet, an Energy Elixir, and 10,000 crowns. Your Entries must be in BY JULY 15 AT 12 AM MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME. For those of you who not in that time zone, that is 3AM EASTERN, 2AM CENTRAL, 1AM MOUNTAIN DAYLIGHT, AND MIDNIGHT PACIFIC. Entries submitted any later (even 2 minutes) will not be counted. In your e-mail, the subject line must be Pet Fan Art. Entries without this subject will not be counted. Your e-mail must also include YOUR WIZARDS NAME. Note that you can't send in just a screenshot, unless it is part of some writing. You also can not enter more than once.

(Any visual art submitted may be displayed on and/or during a live broadcast of Ravenwood Radio. Any written or audio art presented may be read, sung, recited or played during an episode of Ravenwood Radio and/or presented on

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Super Crowns sale

The super Crowns sale is going on now, but only until JUNE 18. During the sale, the more crowns you purchase, the more you will receive. You'll receive:

2750 crowns for $5- 10% bonus

5500 crowns for $10- 10% bonus

16500 crowns for $25- 20% bonus

40000 crowns for $50- 33% bonus

90000 crowns for $80- 50% bonus

Link to Wizard101 site